Smoke & Fire Detection




Why Monitored Smoke & Fire Detection?

Your house may now be secure from break-ins, but what about fire? You may already have battery or AC powered smoke alarms, but who would hear them if you’re not there? If they are not connected to your security system and are not monitored, who would call the fire department before everything you cherish is destroyed?

The main purpose of Smoke & Fire Detection sensors is to notify you and help everyone escape safely. But when these sensors are hooked up to your monitored security system, our Monitoring Station will be notified 24/7 if there is an emergency.

For When No One is Home

Monitored fire & smoke alarms offer greater benefits than stand-alone detectors from a hardware or home improvement store. Simpson Security will be notified of an emergency and can dispatch the Fire Department even when nobody is home.

Without monitored detectors, it may take several minutes for a neighbor or passerby to realize there is a fire inside your home. By that time, your home and many of your valuables may be lost. Another benefit is that it provides a level of safety for your pets. If you are not home, they will be relying on the Fire Department to get them out. The sooner the Fire Department is notified, the better.

For When Everyone is Home

80% of all fire deaths occur when people are sleeping.. Losing a home can be devastating but losing a loved one is worse. All Fire & Smoke Detection sensors is designed to alert everyone in the home. But only Monitored Fire & Smoke Detection sensors will alert everyone AND alert our monitoring station of the emergency.

In a moment where seconds matter, it is highly valuable to have someone that will always be there and can call the Fire Department for you. Simpson Security’s monitoring station could mean the difference in you and your loved ones survival.