Simpson Security has been a distributor for West-Com Nurse Call Systems since 2016. We have installed many other brands of Nurse Call Systems in the past and West-Com is by far the best nurse call company and product we’ve worked with. West-Com Nurse Call Systems is the leader in providing Nurse Call solutions for the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry and we are proud to part of their team!

Master Station

The Nurse Call Master Station manages control over facility call light options by combining the following:

15” Touch Screen Display
  • Interactive room map display with indicators for rooms assigned to the nursing staff
  • Large descriptive buttons and animated graphics for simple functionality
  • Access to staff reports and assignments
  • Access to patient information
  • Full messaging capabilities
IPC-3 Computer
  • Windows 7 Embedded operating system and FocusCare license
Interactive phone
  • Full duplex audio and voice communication from master station to patient stations, staff stations, staff duty stations and other master stations.
Mini keyboard and mouse

The Master Station is highly customizable in order to meet all nursing units’ individual needs.

Patient Station

The Novus® single and dual patient stations come with full duplex audio and are capable of placing many unique call types while interacting with pillow speakers, patient beds, televisions, and room lights.

  • Connect to NV-Dome2
  • Work with all RJ-50 (10 pin) WestCall® compatible pillow speakers
  • Full duplex audio
  • Television and room light control
  • Compatible with WC-Bed and NV-iBed™ interface
  • Call assurance tones with On/Off feature
  • Configurable alert types
  • Automatic real time locating system (RTLS) or manual locator compatibility
  • Programmable Relay (contact closure)
  • Cord Out call override
  • Cleaning mode feature inhibits cleaning personnel from accidentally placing calls
  • Optional ¼” Auxiliary jack input

Dome Light

West-Com’s NV-DOME provides an immediate and clear visual notification of a room’s status and needs to staff members. Improve the quality and efficiency of your staff’s response with eight customizable colors and 4 different light indication modes.  The NV-DOME easily mounts to the wall or ceiling for increased visibility from all angles.

Custom Colors:
 Long-life, low-power RGB LED lamps display yellow, green, red, blue, violet, turquoise, orange (2nd and 3rd positions only), and white (top and 4th positions only.)

Light modes: Solid, slow flashing, fast flashing, and scrolling indications.

Extra Features: Translucent lens allows maximum visibility in all directions and in high ambient lighting conditions. Built in buzzer for code calls, normal and emergency calls can be distinguished by different visual signals for efficient identifications. Configurable to any type of alarm.

Typical applications: Corridor indication of patient calls, patient waiting, staff calls, emergency calls, code blue and code pink indications.

Push/Pull Station

“Push” for assistance, “Pull” for emergency

Our patented Push/Pull™ Station gives patients the ability to let staff know how urgently they need assistance. Pressing the clearly-labeled “Assistance” button informs staff members that the patient needs assistance. However, pulling the eight-foot cord alerts caregivers that the patient requires immediate help. The Push/Pull Station also features a large “CANCEL” button that makes it easy to cancel calls.

There is an optional glow-in-the-dark pull cord available to enhance patients’ sense of security.

  • Fire retardant hospital grade molded thermoplastic with inlaid membrane
  • Eight-foot pull cord with tassel for easy grip
  • Attractive Lexan membrane
  • Solid state circuitry
  • Easy plug-in connection into the system wiring

"In 1983, Larry Peters founded West-Com Nurse Call Systems, Inc. and has directed and managed the West-Com product line's growth from its beginning concept to the international, multi-million dollar corporation that it is today."