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4th of July Safety Tips

The 4th of July has always been a very exciting time of year.  Not only do we get to celebrate the birth of our great nation, we also get to purchase and use fireworks. We also get to enjoy exciting firework displays and not to mention all of the wonderful BBQ parties. Check out our previous article on BBQ safety, so you can safely grill this summer.  In this article we will share some 4th of July Safety Tips on how to maintain a safe environment and what steps you need to take in order to ensure a wonderful time this 4th of July!  Fireworks and firecrackers can both be exciting for all ages, however, in order to avoid minor to severe bodily injury please take all precautions when choosing to put on your own personal show.

In the days leading to the Fourth of July, perhaps the last two weeks of June you will notice your local firework stands starting to open and stay open later and later leading up until the actual holiday.  It is best to look up what your local ordinance says in regard to using fireworks.  It some cities it is not legal to do fireworks and in others it is. One rule to keep in mind is that disturbing someone’s peace is always against the law. Be mindful of neighbors if doing your roman candles in close proximity to others residence.  Since Simpson Security, Inc. is in the City of Alexandria, Rapides Parish, Louisiana we will include the laws ordinances of both entities in this blog.  We do respect that we have a very large client base that extends to other states so be wise and be sure to look up your own local laws, we cannot stress this enough.


Discharging fireworks is ILLEGAL within the City of Alexandria. A.P.D. will be enforcing this ordinance. Save your money – enjoy all of the attractions, music, and the LEGAL fireworks show in Downtown Alexandria on Saturday night.



Sheriff William Earl Hilton would like to wish everyone a very safe and Happy 4th of July holiday. We would also like to remind everyone about the Rapides Parish Ordinances with reference to the use of Fireworks. Every 4th of July, Christmas and New Years, the question comes up; is it legal to use fireworks in Rapides Parish. The answer is YES, outside the city limits, but also within reason. When enjoying your fireworks be sure you are in a debris free area and the ground is clear of anything that may ignite easily, also that there are no trees above.  You never know how far in the air your roman candle may shoot unless you are a professional and this could be very disastrous if a tree would catch a blaze. Look to see that there are no other people within five feet of you. I prefer more like twenty but I am just overly cautious. Also, make sure you have a lighting stick.  You can get these for free at the local fireworks stand for free, they are used in lieu of a lighter, which is dangerous in itself to light a firework.  If the ground is wet you may want to wet it as the water may extinguish your goodies. Wear tight fitting clothes and if at all possible keep a first aide kit handy, a cell phone, and  some type of fire extinguisher. Have fun and stay safe!

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Photo courtesy of The Town Talk
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