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Why Alarm Monitoring is Important

Each year, more than 2.5 million home intrusions are reported in the United States, making us the leader in the world in burglary occurrences. That is about four break-ins every A burlgar wearing a mask breaking in through a back door using a crowbar.minute. This startling statistic proves that just having a home alarm system is not enough. Having alarm monitoring by a professional company is your first line of defense against intruders.

Anybody can take the time to have a security system installed. Between sensors, cameras, alarms and other pieces of hardware, you may feel you are set in case of a break-in. However, without proper alarm monitoring, your system will only work well if someone is home to hear the alarms go off in an emergency. What about if you are away? Who will protect your property then?


Some people choose to not have their security system monitored because they feel they don’t need it or because it costs too much to pay for the monthly fees. Besides having professional Monitoring Station Operators oversee your safety and security, there are many other advantages of alarm monitoring including:

Automatic response: One of the most important parts of having a security system is the swift and automatic response you will get if an alarm is activated on your property. You don’t have to rely on witnesses to report a break-in or accident. When an alarm is activated, your system sends a signal to our monitoring station that will contact the police.

Fire emergency: A good monitoring station will have you connected to the fire department in case of an emergency. This type of system can sound an alarm if it detects high levels of carbon monoxide. Subsequently, if there is a fire, the fire department will be dispatched immediately.

Panic response: If you were to panic during a break-in, you may be able to activate a crisis response where our monitoring station notifies the police for you.


When shopping for a alarm monitoring company, make sure to check out its customer service ratings and feedback. A company that holds its customer service to high standards, especially when it comes to answering calls from customers, is the kind of company you want to go with. You also want a customer service team who takes pride in offering 24/7 monitoring, and fast and automatic responses to emergencies.


A reputable monitoring company will have different packages available depending on a customer’s needs. While it may seem like monitoring is expensive, it really is affordable. Prices vary depending on the options selected, but can you really put a price tag on having peace of mind? The monitoring packages available are:

Bronze Package: This package requires that you have either a phone line or internet connection. This connection allows our Monitoring Station to received the signals from you alarm system.

Silver Package: With the Silver Package, you must have an internet connection. This will allow you to use our Total Connect application if you have a compatible system. You can Arm/Disarm you system via the Phone & Web, Receive Email and Phone Alerts, and control Home Automation features.
(You may also use a phone line connection as backup.)

Gold Package: This package allows you to do all of the things that the Silver Package does except you don’t need an internet connection. This package requires that you have are monitored via a Cellular Communicator.
(You may also use internet and/or phone line monitoring as backup.)

Platinum Package: With our Platinum Package, you get all of the features of Total Connect. You can Arm/Disarm via Phone & Web, Receive Email and Phone Alerts, control Home Automation features, and view Video Cameras connected to your security system.


Don’t wait until a tragedy happens to consider alarm system monitoring. Contact us today for more information on the types of monitoring services we offer.

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