Busniess Fire Protection




Why have business fire protection?

Your business may be secure against break-ins, but do you have reliable business fire protection? Depending on what type of business you own, you may or may not be required to have a monitored Fire Alarm System or Smoke Detectors. But if you aren’t required to have it, should you?

The main purpose of Fire Alarm Systems & Smoke Detectors is to notify everyone in your business and help them escape safely. If you don’t have a Fire Alarm System or at least smoke detectors that are connected to your security system, who would call the fire department before everything you worked so hard for is destroyed?

When you have Smoke Detectors & Heat Detectors are connected to your security or fire alarm system, our Monitoring Station will be notified 24/7 of an emergency and can dispatch the Fire Department.

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Protection While You Are Away

A monitored Fire Alarm System never takes a day off. Protect your business 24/7 and rest assured that Simpson Security will be there if an emergency occurs. Our Monitoring Station will be notified of an alarm and can dispatch the Fire Department, even when nobody is there.

Without a monitored fire alarm system, it may take several minutes for a passerby to realize there is a fire inside your business. By that time, everything you’ve worked for could be lost. Another benefit is that most insurance companies will give you a discount on your insurance for having a monitored Fire Alarm System or monitored Smoke Detectors that are connected to your business’s security system.

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Protect Your Business Investment

Electrical failure or malfunction was a factor contributing to the ignition of 22% of fires in stores and other mercantile properties in 2015, accounting for 16% of civilian injuries and 26% of direct property damage. You’ve worked hard to build your business. Don’t let it be destroyed because it didn’t have proper business fire protection. Early detection of fire and smoke is critical to protecting your business. With 24/7 fire alarm monitoring,
we’ll alert both you and the fire department at the first warning signs.

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Protect your business today.