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Halloween Safety and trick-or-treating safety.

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Halloween Safety Tips and Tricks

Halloween safety isn’t something people put a lot of thought into but its pretty important. If you the place you trick or treat is anything like my parents neighborhood, there are kids running around everywhere, cars lined up and down the street, and even people on four wheelers and side by sides. It can get crazy at times so it’s important that everyone takes these precautions when trick-or-treating with little ones.

Be Seen

You can add reflective tape to your kids costume or customize their trick-or-treat bag. This will not only make their costume stand out to other trick-or-treaters but to drivers as well.

Another idea is glow sticks or glow in the dark bracelets. Kids love these and it will make them visible to others in the dark.

Yield To Cars

Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights of the year for pedestrians. Make sure you and your trick-or-treating party understand that drivers can’t always see them and they need to be careful when crossing the street. It is better to cross in groups and the leader of the group should have some sort of flashlight or reflective clothing that can be seen easily.

Choose Appropriate Costumes

Make sure costumes aren’t too big. You don’t want your little want tripping over their costume all night. Masks can also hinder their night as most of the time it’s hard to see and it can get hot! It’s usually hot in Central Louisiana so pick something out that won’t let you or your little one get too hot.

Have a Plan

I see kids every year that come up to our door by themselves. Have a Halloween safety plan just in case you and your kids get separated.

Where will they meet you? Do they know your cell phone number? Make sure they know these things. You can also write important information on their wrist. Then put a little liquid bandage on top so it will stay on them all night. This way if they get lost or separated, an adult will have a number to call.


Look for Porch Lights

The rule that most people follow in Halloween is that if the porch lights are off, then the trick-or-treating at that house is over with or they don’t want trick-or-treaters there. Let kids know that not all homes are welcoming to trick-or-treaters. Also let kids know that they should never go into a home unless an adult they know is with them.

Last Minute Halloween Safety Rules to Teach Your Kids

  • Never accept a ride from a stranger
  • Never split up from your group, stay together
  • Make sure shoes are comfortable and won’t rub
  • If lost or in trouble, find a phone and call home immediately

Halloween is an exiting time of the year for many people. Make sure your family and friends stay safe this year and share this Halloween Safety article with them!

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