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Instruction Manual Link for Bosch, Honeywell

How do I operate my new security system?

The technicians have left and you’re left standing looking at an unfamiliar keypad.  Now, you have a million questions you couldn’t think to ask when the technicians were installing your system. Did they leave the instruction manual? How do I arm my alarm to leave for work in the morning?  I am ready to arm my system and go to bed, what do I press to arm it for the night?  It is time to let out the dog, what do I press to make the doors chime or stop?  I need to change the pass code or add a new pass code, how may I do this? These valid questions can be easily answered and Simpson Security wants your alarm experience to be as effortless as possible. As luck would have it, you chose the right company and as always we are here for you.

There are many questions about a new system and Simpson Security Systems strives to make your safety a number one priority and are happy to now be able to supply you with online instruction manuals.

How do I access the instruction manual for my security system?

There are many different systems our customers have installed in their homes and business. Most times the name of your system is located on the paperwork left by the technician. In the event you are unsure of the name of your  security system you can call our local Central Monitoring Station 24/7 including ALL HOLIDAYS @ (318)443-3391  as they have direct access to your account provided you give the correct address and pass-code/word.  Simpson Security has always had our customers in mind and want you to be able to be directly linked to the instruction manual for your system. Below you will find a direct link to instruction manuals for most of our systems. You will also be able to access our most popular fire system manuals.


Panel for the Lyric by Honeywell Instruction manual available online
Above is the panel for the LYRIC by HONEYWELL






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