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Burglars are good at finding your spare key. Don't make it easy for them!

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Spare Key Best (And Worst) Hiding Places

It’s convenient to keep a spare key in case you lose your regular keys. But is your spare key hiding place too convenient? Convenient enough for a burglar to easily find it?

Please don’t sacrifice security for convenience!

The last thing you want is a burglar to find the spare and have an easy entryway into your home.. Especially if you forgot to set your security system that day.

Here are the worst and best places to hide your spare house key.

Worst places to hide a spare key

1) Under your welcome mat

Let’s face it, that is probably the first place anyone checks for a spare key..

2) Under something near your door (Flower pot, decoration, etc.)

Burglars will check all of these places for a key. It may be convenient for you but it’s also convenient for them!

3) Inside the oh so popular fake rock

Unless you have a bunch of rocks that look just like it, it’s not going to fool anyone.

4) Your wallet

Think about it, your spare key with your driver’s license that has your home’s address on it… That’s a burglars dream come true.

Best places to hide a spare key

1) With a neighbor you trust

Your neighbors can be the best defense against burglars. If everyone in the neighborhood takes care of one another, the burglars don’t stand a chance. A great neighborhood watch group can really help!

Here are some of the Neighborhood Watch groups I found on Facebook around Central Louisiana:

Tennyson Oaks
West Pointe
Charles Park

2) In a magnetized lock box under your car

When do most burglaries occur? When you’re not home. So it makes sense because if you’re not home, your car most likely isn’t either.

3) Under the dog house

Burglars hate dogs. Especially loud ones. They would rather not go near them so let Fido protect the key.

4) Fake sprinkler key holder

Get rid of that fake rock and get a fake sprinkler head key holder. If you have a sprinkler system, this is the perfect place to hide one.

Why do you even need a spare key?

Instead of worrying where to hide spare keys, upgrade to home automation door locks and never have to worry about them again. You can lock/unlock your doors from your smartphone via our Total Connect app. (Click here for details)


DIY Sprinkler Head Key Hider

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